Welcome to the "how to" page of the Sustainable Production Database!

How-to is a collection of some basic info about how to get started fast with contributing to this DokuWiki without using coding language.

How to create pages in DokuWiki

To create a new page, you’ll actually use the search feature within your wiki to search for the page that you want to create. After searching, as long as the page doesn’t exist, DokuWiki will give you a link you can click on that will allow you to create this page.

Here is a step by step guide with more info:


How to create namespaces in DokuWiki

What is a Namespace? A Namespace is a folder location where your page resides, much like how you can organize files on your computer using folders and subfolders, wiki pages are organized into Namespaces.


How to delete and rename namespaces in DokuWiki

DokuWiki sites are constantly changing due to the contributions of the website patrons. When topics get too big, change in scope, or become obsolete, it becomes necessary to rename or delete the namespaces from DokuWiki.


How to insert images into a DokuWiki page

Redirecting pages in DokuWiki

When removing pages from your DokuWiki site, you will need to set up a redirect to prevent users from getting 404 not found errors.