Welcome to the Sustainable Production Database!

Project summary

The Sustainable Production Database is an ongoing effort to create an easy to use database of knowledge regarding sustainable production methods and technologies. Think of it as the Wikipedia of green film production.

Project target group

The database is intended for film productions and interested parties, but is primarily meant to be a tool for green consultants to help them in their efforts.

Project roadmap

Filmmakers for Future is currently in the process of founding a registered association in Germany. After that we will try to get funds to finance this project and work with green consultants all over the world to create an in depth database that is free, accessible and under a creative commons license.

Green Production Map

Filmmakers for Future have also just started working on creating a Green Production Map. It is a map with green production companies, initiatives and events.

Getting Started

To get started, you can either use the “sitemap” or the search. Both can be found in the left sidebar. From the sitemap you will be shown all available pages and namespaces (=folders of pages) in our database. Feel free to explore what information we have collected so far about sustainable production methods and technologies.

We are at the moment in the beginning stages and look forward to expanding this DokuWiki with your help!

Within the namespace “wiki” you can check out “how-to” to see how you can easily add/edit information and pages to our DokuWiki without using coding language. Or the “syntax” page to check out how to use the basic DokuWiki coding language (=syntax) to write/edit a DokuWiki page.

For the complete overview of all the tools available in DokuWiki, check out the “dokuwiki” page.